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March 2019:

My practise is closely linked to my personal life. There are no boundaries between me and the viewer. Through drawing, painting and bookmaking I am sharing my internal experiences in work that has the intimacy of a personal diary."

Currently I am exploring the subject of motherhood, mother-artist and female energy. The body's transformation, experienced as transition - from girl to woman, daughter to mother - is a central them in the work.



March 2014:

My mind is naturally drawn into details. Small things become huge in certain light, in the encounter with a smell or atmosphere...  

The word "detail" comes originally from the French verb "detailer" which means to "cut in pieces" or "narrate in particulars". Understanding the term in its fullest sense means to perceive our world as a composition of limitless spaces.

This point of view makes one’s life rich and exciting.

The world itself is unquestionably beautiful.

Its beauty is deep, unpredictable and ferocious and I am always aware of this. I feel enriched by this constant awareness and through the process of creating art I try to share it with others.

The things that interest me in this world are both familiar and mysterious. They resonate like a memory from the past reminded by a flash in the present, like butterflies in the stomach.

Making art is a meditative process. I work meticulously and in absolute concentration, contemplating my subject, my medium and myself.

My ambition is not to control 100 % the creative process, but to go along with it. The outcome is always partially a surprise for me.


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