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Czech-born and a world citizen, living and working in London since 2013. An artist, bookbinder and traveller.


Marketa is interested in researching light, drawing the impermanence.   


Waking up early in the morning to experience the first light, when quietness reign over, little drops of dew which reflect her surroundings like little realities…subtle and liminal perception are some of the characteristic that best describe Marketa’s work.


Sometimes you have to let yourself go completely to see what she sees and wants to show us.


In her work you will perceive surroundings and the light as never before; the details and the perspectives are the result of a deep research and meditative process to understand the world.


Drawing for Marketa is a media to communicate the ultimate observation of everyday reality; so plants and skies, abstraction and beauty, nature and wilderness; we live surrounded by it but we don’t often spend time looking at it and listening to it.


Her journey is her work, the space and light are the playground for her creativity.

So silent or not, you will hear it; visible or not you will see it…it was always there.



text by Sergio Santinato

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