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Nella Conchiglia / In the Shell


Author poetic text (Italian and English version), drawings and pamphlet binding

Printed by Tipografia Distantis in Bernalda

Is a book of author poetry and drawings which I made during first moths of my life in Italy.

I moved from London to Marina di Ginosa in full pandemia.

In the Shell is a testimony of my intimate feelings in this strange time. The life on the sea, the wide opening to the nature, the isolation, the reflection on human nature, the cultural conflict - my authenticity against my will to merge with the new environment.

The text and the drawings are simple, the informations are minimal.

I imagine the book as a salty breath. A human-scaled book with which one can easily merge.


The book is drawn and written in hand in format 162 x 114mm, reproduced in digital print, in English and Italian version.

In the Shell

  (sun or clouds)

  in the landscape

  in the situation

  in the shell

Strong smell of salt

  (burning eyes)

  shaped by the time spent inside

  (protected and deformed)

Sand and wind
  (itchy skin and salt)

The Muscles
  changed their ways




The Soul
  wrapped in calcite

  (unattainable and brittle)

Nella conchiglia

  (sole o nuvole)


  nel paesaggio

  nella situazione

  nella conchiglia


Forte odore di sale

  (occhi che bruciano)



  modellato da tempo passato dentro

  (protetto e deformato)


Sabbia e vento

  (pelle e cranio che prudono)


I Muscoli

  hanno cambiato i loro modi





  avvolta nella calcite

  (irraggiungibile e fragile)

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