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looking for a geometry


site specific drawing and light installation for fine-liner, posca, prisms, mirror paper, aluminum

139artspece windowgallery, London UK

"At school I was always very bad at geometry.
I can say that I accomplished my education because of my geometry teacher's kindness. What seemed to be the essence of logic for the rest of the world, didn’t make any sense to me.

Today - more than 20 years later, in my adult life - I still experience the same feeling while socialising, reasoning, scheduling… (despite my attempts to keep away from geometry).

I was thinking that to get rid of that awkwardness I should start where I failed as a kid…

…and so I am looking for a geometry.

Questions stop existing because all become answers.

Somehow, the highest point was never a point to me, but more something like a moment, a circular constellation."

looking for a geometry


108 editions each with handmade unique drawing, screen-print, fine-liner, Zerkal of white 120gsm

The number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning throughout history. In geometric terms, it is a natural division of circle (108=36+72=9 X 12). Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance.

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